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OP-OOST Project - The Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund in the East of the Netherlands (OP-OOST) has awarded grants for the following projects


"Faag op Maat” [Phage: made to measure]

The following 5 parties participate in the project: Trouw Nutrition Nederland (Putten), Micreos Food Safety B.V. (Wageningen, Gelderland), NYtor B.V. (Nijmegen), Agri Information Partners B.V. (Wageningen) and Wageningen Universiteit (Wageningen). “Faag op Maat” will provide the participating companies with an opportunity to play a leading role in developing a system based on innovative products, service and knowledge to reduce the use of antibiotics in the livestock industry, thereby making an important and pioneering step forward in the reduction of antibiotic resistance.


“Snelle SOA-resistentie diagnostiek” [Fast STD-resistance diagnostics]

Multi-drug resistant sexually transmitted infections by Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) and Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) are causing a worldwide treatment crisis. Antibiotic resistance management requires fast, reliable molecular diagnostics for both pathogen detection and accompanying resistance status. Tonne B.V. (Wapenveld) and NYtor B.V. (Nijmegen) join forces to develop assays for detection of ciprofloxacin-resistant NG and moxifloxacin-resistance MG.




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